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High power 1530 fiber laser cutting machine

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Type : Fiber laser cutting machine

Time : 2021-01-24 21:17

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Description : We are a professional cutting machine engraving machine factory to provide you with precision High power 1530 fiber laser cutting machine mechanical equipment. Our High power 1530 fiber laser cutting machine products have the advantages of reliable pe...

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Integration of fiber laser and digital controlling, which represents the most advanced technology of laser cutting. The C series has new design, and it is upgraded on the basis of the F series, the configuration is higher. The thick welded bed is suitable for medium and high power lasers and thick plates. 
Detail Parameter
Performance Advantage 
1.  Thickness of rectangular pipe wall is 10mm,and weights 4500 kg. High strength, stability, tensile strength, ensuring 20 years of use without distortion.
2. Close-loop laser cutting control system, auto focus, high-speed piercing and automatic tracing-edge function.
3. Intelligent operating system, free to import cutting graphics, one-click to complete the cutting.
4. This machine adopts imported manipulator, 6 axis. Laser beam guiding device is fully integrated in robot arm which combination the advantage of stable laser and moving robot arm. It can realize arbitrary and special curves processing in 3D space. Easy to operate, higher automation, less cycle time ensure the machine’s fast moving, high precision and reliability.
Application case