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Automatic feeding laser cutting machine

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Type : CO2 laser cutting machine

Time : 2021-01-24 20:33

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Description : We are a professional cutting machine engraving machine factory to provide you with precision Automatic feeding laser cutting machine mechanical equipment. Our Automatic feeding laser cutting machine products have the advantages of reliable performanc...

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Application Materials:
Genuine leather, artificial leather, soft leather, decorative leather, packaging leather,etcall kinds of leather, leather material, pure cotton, real silk, all kind of chemical fiber, denim, and so on. all kinds of textile materials, or non-woven material.
Application Industries:
Clothing, shoe industry, home texiles,embroidery, toy, leather, luggage, outdoor equipment, sports, automotiveinteriors.
Detail Parameter
Performance Advantage
1. The automatic feeding laser cutting machine selects the crawler type working platform, which automatically cuts and feeds, has fast cutting speed and high utilization rate of fabric, and realizes continuous feeding and cutting.
2, the machine is used in clothing, textile, leather and other industries. Mainly used for cutting and engraving of metal for cloth, leather, etc.
3. Constant optical path design. When ensuring large-format cutting, the power output is consistent at each position on the work surface, and the processing quality is the same.
4, large-format laser cutting incision smooth and fine, to meet the entire material of the material, processing.
5. The feeding system adopts a special B-shaped table top and a crawler automatic feeding device to facilitate the free movement of the processed objects on the cutting table.
6, automatic feeding and receiving materials, saving working hours, improve work efficiency, can be customized according to user needs.

Application case