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Automatic Loading and Unloading CNC Woodworking Machine for

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Type : Woodworking CNC router

Time : 2021-01-24 19:39

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Description : We are a professional cutting machine, engraving machine factory, to provide you with precision Automatic Loading and Unloading CNC Woodworking Machine for mechanical equipment. Our Automatic Loading and Unloading CNC Woodworking Machine for products have the advantages of reliable performance, low price and perfect service. Sales Tel. +1(912)274-1888 email: [email protected] ....

Tel : +1(912)-274-1888

Email : [email protected]

Applicable material: wood, plastics, plexiglass, insulation materials, PVC, acrylic, double-color board, ABS board and other non-metallic materials.
Applicable industry: furniture, home decoration, paint-free doors, woodworking decoration, wooden crafts, cabinet doors, screens, three-dimensional wave boards, advertising, precision instrument casing processing, musical instruments and other industries.
Function: relief, lettering, hollowing, cutting, etc.
 Detail Parameter
Performance Advantage
1. 9.0KW air-cooled automatic tool change spindle, can withstand high speed, heavy load, low noise and other characteristics
2. The bed is welded by high-rigidity rectangular steel tube and aging treatment to ensure the precision of the bed structure.
3. Imported Taiwan linear guides and lead screws with high precision, long life and good stability
4. Rack drive, low noise, high transmission efficiency
5. Made in Japan planetary reducer, small volume and load capacity, high transmission efficiency, wide deceleration range
6. Twelve tool magazines for disc plastic steel, shortening tool change time and improving processing efficiency
7. Taiwan's new generation control system, simple operation, stable performance, fully support automated production
8. The front section of the lifting platform design, the lifting roller table makes it easier to get in and out of the whole sheet, and configures the sheet positioning system.
9. Vacuum suction cup design, universal vacuum suction cup, quick control of sheet displacement, combined with vacuum regulating valve
10. Interrupted push design, push material design can quickly push out the finished workpiece, and simultaneously adsorb the next piece into the processing area.
11. Rear belt conveyor, belt conveyor can quickly output the workpiece to the positioning point, the speed can be adjusted
12. The lower dust collecting filter plate, when the workpiece is pushed out, the dust collecting filter plate can completely remove the workpiece dust
13. Reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, and reduce labor costs

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