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metal Jade Stone Engraving Machine

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Type : Advertising CNC router

Time : 2021-01-24 15:01

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Description : We are a professional cutting machine, engraving machine factory, to provide you with precision metal Jade Stone Engraving Machine mechanical equipment. Our metal Jade Stone Engraving Machine products have the advantages of reliable performance, low price and perfect service. Sales Tel. +1(912)274-1888 email: [email protected] ....

Tel : +1(912)-274-1888

Email : [email protected]

Applicable material: double-color boards, plywood, jade, wooden bracelets, signs, trademarks, embossed medals, photo frames, furniture decoration.
Applicable industry:advertising industry,metal characters, handicrafts, signage, crystal word cutting, woodworking, decorative materials and other industries.
Function: relief, lettering, hollowing, cutting, etc.
Detail Parameter
Performance Advantage
1. Imported square linear guide for CNC machine tools, the rigidity is good, no gap
2. Imported high-precision ball screw, the bottom surface of the engraving is good, no knife marks
3. Water-cooled spindle motor and imported components are standard, ensuring long-term continuous and stable operation. The speed can reach up to 24000 rpm, with low noise and high precision.
4. Overall cast iron structure, high precision for long-term use
5. Adopt imported circuit chip drive control to ensure high reliability
6. Compatible with various CAD/CAM software such as Type3/Artcam/Castmate/ Wentai
7. With power-off recovery, break point continuous carving, automatic tool setting, processing every other day, etc., more convenient and labor-saving
Application case
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