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[A-2]Series laser cutting machine

Product introduction
[A-2]Series laser cutting machine

It adopts the special cutting head of high-power optical fiber, which can realize non-inductive perforation, smart cutting, high-speed frog jumping, ultra-small taper cutting and
high-gloss surface cutting

Intelligent operating system
Bus control, advanced internal architecture; Man-machine interactive interface, easy to operate; It has powerful computing power.

Reducer and frame / linear guide
Ensure the machine tool precision and life under high speed operation

High strength gantry base
The third-generation landing gantry flying light path structure model, the machine tool base through heat treatment to eliminate the stress, achieve high strength and rigidity.

Partition dust
The cutting area is divided intomulti-chambers. Each chamber automatically tracks the opening of the cutting gun head and is equipped with a dust removal funnel to achieve high dust removal efficiency.

Mechanical high speed double exchange table
The working table of exchange adopts the working mode of mechanical lifting and switching, so that the working table keeps the same level all the time, ensuring the stability and precision of cutting.
The main features
1. Advanced third-generation landing gantry flight path structure type: it is the ultra-advanced third-generation landing gantry flight path structure type at present. The base of the machine tool is heat-treated to eliminate the stress, so as to realize the strength, rigidity and servo drag acceleration and deceleration as well as the height match of the NUMERICAL control system. The equipment has sufficient rigidity, excellent reliability and high efficiency cutting performance, more suitable for the ten thousand watt class ultra high power laser cutting machine requirements.
2. Special cutting head for optical fiber laser cutting machine: it adopts special cutting head for high-power optical fiber of 10,000 watts level, which can realize non-inductive punching, smart cutting, high-speed frog jumping, ultra-small taper cutting and high-brightness surface cutting; The internal structure of the laser head is completely sealed, which can avoid the dust pollution of the optical part, easy to maintain, and improve the service life and cutting stability of the lens.
3. Configuration of key components: It ensures the precision life of the machine when the machine is configured with a 10,000-watt ultra-high power laser running at high speed.
4. Real-time tracking of dust removal by chambers and chambers: The cutting area is divided into multi-chambers and multi-chambers, and each chamber automatically tracks and cuts the head of the gun, and is equipped with a dust removal funnel to achieve high dust removal efficiency.
5. The mechanical upper and lower high-speed double exchange platform ensures that the cutting plate is always in the same plane and the cutting effect is better.
Technical parameters
The project name LX-6025 LX-8025 unit
Cutting sheet size 6000*2500 8000*2500 mm
The X axis stroke 6050 8050 mm
The Yaxis stroke
2525 2525 mm
The Z axis stroke
100 120 mm
Positioning accuracy of X and Y axes ±0.03 ±0.03 mm/m
Repeat positioning accuracy 0.02 0.02 mm
Maximum positioning speed of machine tool
180 180 m/min
Maximum acceleration
2.5 2.5 g
Laser power 6000-20000   W